[Typo3-typo3org] TER 2.0 - updated concept!

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Apr 26 16:05:20 CEST 2005

Robert Lemke wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Michael Scharkow wrote:
>>1. Why do we need getlist.php and gethash.php on the super mirrors,
>>other than for logging. Simply serving extkey_0.2.0.md5 as static files
>>should be more efficient and easier to mirror. Same with extensions.xml
>>and mirrorlist.xml ;)
> Okay, we can drop "gethash.php" but not "getlist.php" because we want to
> create the list of mirrors dynamically for each client, sorted by GeoIP
> etc.

Alright, since we need PHP running on the server anyway, we might as 
well use gethash (with some caching for speed) and don't need to worry 
about logging...

>>5. Please let us separate documentation completely from TER, not
>>creating doc-only additional extensions. Generally, doc-only extensions
>>are a bad idea, because they a) extend nothing, b) do not profit from
>>the EM infrastructure in any way, c) bloat TER. I agree that existing
>>docs should be pulled out of an upload, but then it should be forwarded
>>to docs.typo3.org. Instead of having a soft reference to a extkey_doc
>>extension, we should have a reference to
> Personally, I don't agree. The only drawback is that we call it "extension",
> "package" would be more adequate.
> More opinions in favour / against documentation in the TER?

Okay, a few points:
1. If I have a webserver running TYPO3 somewhere, I don't need to 
download documentation with EM because I cannot view it anyway, at least 
I don't know how to read sxw over ssh...
2. To the EM it makes absolutely no difference where you download an 
extension documentation from, so we might as well refer to docs.typo3.org
3. We can provide a complete infrastructure for documentation on 
docs.typo3.org, including uploading, editing (with Wiki/timtaw/younameit 
once this is possible), conversion to different formats.
4.  With such a setup, you could not only have a checkbox in EM "dowload 
documentation" but even "download documentation as [sxw|pdf|plaintext]" 
and you fetch only what you need
5. Using extensions for docs would double the number of extensions 
(=more disk space, more traffic, more effort), meaning e.g. that 
extensions.xml is twice as long.
6. If we package docs in extensions (and I assume you want this to be 
the *only* way to manage docs because doing thing twice is useless), we 
would need need an extension for every doc out there.
7. docs.typo3.org would require access to TER which is completely 
against the policy of splitting stuff up.
8. Did I mention doc-only extensions suck? Like I don't need emconf.php 
for a stupid oowriter file...
9. In which way would docs benefit from TER2, except that I can have 
cool stuff like dependencies, so FTB depends on MTB? Which is, of 
course, very useful to enforce ;)

Pick the most useful objections!


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