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Peter Kindström peter.kindstrom at abc.se
Fri Apr 15 19:04:45 CEST 2005

>> - _all_ EXT (including "tv-doc.t3x") is uploaded to TER
>> - out of these, all doc-EXT (*-doc.t3x, eg  "tv-doc.t3x") are mirrored
>> to the documentation repository
> NO, I agree with Kasper that documentation does not belong into TER, not
> one bit. I would like a completely separate doc infrastructure, so I can
> write and manage docs without messing with extensions, as I have to do
> now. A simple reference to
> http://documentation.typo3.org/extensions/extkeyxxx should be sufficient
> to download docs to your local T3 installation.

It is important that we CAN manage documentation independent
from extensions! In that way the docTeam can care for the
documentation if the extension author dont want to. And we also
need the ability to manage documents only.

If that technically is done in the new TER or not, I don´t care
- as long as it possible to do!

I think one important thing with documentation is that is should
be possible for the docTeam to manage ALL documentation (via
some sort of BE login?). That means both move it in the
structure and edit/update it.

With these features we are not so dependent on extensions
authors will, time and writing knowledge.

/Peter Kindström

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