[Typo3-typo3org] documentation.typo3.org

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Fri Apr 15 13:51:00 CEST 2005

Bodo Eichstädt wrote:

> There is no decrepancy!
> pro:
> - seperate infrastruture
> -- one for package-management + downlading

Yes, packages contain code (+maybe a readme file).

> -- one for online viewing/editing/translating/commenting + download in
> various formats
> - have base-format of a doc in TER (so you download it and convert it to
> various formats like pdf, html, .... client-side)

We've had that: Base and only format will be sxw which IMHO makes no 
sense in having in my extension dir. I can neither view nor edit it on 
the server, so I might as well download it from docs.t3.org and do stuff 
client side.

> One thing is downloading code & doc with one tool (EM, managemtent!) and
> integrating it as read-only in a running installation for example. Plus
> setting up an initial doc in the process of new extension -> kickstarter
> -> uploading.

Come on:
1. You can download code and docs with one tool without those two things 
being related. If I can deduct the doc location on the server from the 
extkey (which is trivial), I can with one click download t3x + sxw from 
separate locations.
2. Kickstarting documentation can be done by a) providing a template as 
we do now, b) asking a few questions and offering a customized template 
on docs.t3.org. What's the use of kickstarting a document on my t3 
installation if I can't even edit or view it from there.

> The other is getting non-dev people to help in writing docs in a
> straightforward and easy way.

Yes: You log into docs.t3.org, you see your extension keys, you say 
kickstart doc for this extension, you get your sxw-File for editing.

> But a simple reference is not enough in my eyes...

Again, I don't see any obstacles for this. Most docs are far bigger than 
the extensions, plus with the current setup you blow up your docs if you 
upload your modified extension and had forgotten to download docs 
before. This sucks.
Plus I don't see why I need a T3 installation with EM only in order to 
upload some static sxw to some server.


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