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Bodo Eichstädt be at typo3cluster.com
Fri Apr 15 12:53:18 CEST 2005

Robert Lemke schrieb:
> I like that idea. More opinions / ideas?

Thx. I think mirroring is linked with implementing a new TER2 which is
linked with docs. If we do not coding all of these in one step we should
at least keep some points in mind.
If you don't mind I'll write some 1-2 pages in a separate doc.
After that we should in my oppinion as fast as possible extend the
Kickstarter by some more dependencies-relation fields. I think that
could be done fast.
Advantage: New EXT will already have these fields filled in. Checking of
these dependency is step 2 as simple as such message:

These ext depends on ......   (like it already exists)
These ext suggests ......     (new)
These ext conflicts with .... (new)
These ext replaces .....      (new)

On step beyond an automatic checking would be wonderfull:

Hi I am your EM, you requested to install tv-code.
I have some requirements and some suggestions...

[x] some_ext-code:  tv-code depends on it
[x] some_lib-code:  some_ext depends on it
[ ] some_lib-doc:   some_lib suggests it
[ ] tv-doc:          tv-code suggests it
[ ] other_ext-code: tv-code conflicts with it an will be uninstalled!!

Hold your mousepointer over a package to see more details!

Whenever a package will be uninstalled the user must confirm a separate
checkbox (or give some --force like switch).
When submiting you have to check again of course of there are new
dependencies. ;-)

As it is connected with your mirroring paper in some points:
Have you received my updates of it? I would like to see your comments to
further prepare it for publishing as V2.
In the same breath I would then complete my 1st thought above.


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