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Tim Franz tfranz at news.moleman.de
Thu Apr 14 10:03:02 CEST 2005

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Please bear in mind that we are not talking about converting stuff once,
> but *maintaining* docs with users who are unable or unwilling to learn
> docbook and who don't have any WYSIWYG abstraction to help.

I faded this fact out in favour of plaintext editing. The question is: do we
really need WYSIWYG for the subset four or five tags anyone has to learn?
Anyone editing a wiki has to learn more (and even uglier) markup to fill in
his content as it is needed to use docbook efficiently.

Fact: The editing process for most of the text is the same for writing
something in a wordprocessor or in an editor - just type in the content. 

The skeleton for a new document would of course have to be set up by someone
experienced, like it is currently also done with the OpenOffice template. 

But bearing in mind that Kasper (and presumably others) prefer WYSIWYG
editing, this discussion is theoretical.


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