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Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Wed Apr 13 16:08:54 CEST 2005

Kasper Skårhøj wrote:
> Having extension code and documents separate will also make it easy to
> make updates to either independantly which is quite often nice to do.

This would REALLY make sense.
Everytime I update smaller bugs without having downloaded the 
doc/manual.sxw I shoot my docs to somewhere they don't belong.
Having this independent from the ext itself would help a LOT.
Plus this might open up the door for "I code an extension and someone 
else writes docs" which we discussed during the review evening at kitz.

> A suggestion for a documentation repository could be to establish it in
> the folder "typo3conf/doc/" inside where each document will be named
> [extension-key].[pdf/sxw/html] - or maybe in sub-dirs. 

This is a matter of personal preference.
I like one folder with all documentation better than 25 folders with one 
file each.

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