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Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at icecrash.com
Wed Apr 13 09:34:44 CEST 2005

>    - There doesn't exist a comfortable editor like Open Office Writer. The PHP 
>      project for example recommends using VIM or EMACS for it. DocBook
>      support in Open Office is unusable and programming a TYPO3 BE module
>      which acts as a DocBook editor is too much work
You won't get a graphical editor like OOorg in emacs or vim, but for
emacs there are extensions that let you use docbook with auto-insertion
of tags (psgml mode).

* Eclipse environment
* Web Tools Project [includes editor with validation and catalog support]
* Ant [can automate the processing task]

> Please read the discussion in the DocTeam mailing list archive and also read 
> Sylvain's notes about the Snowboard tour [1]. I even think that the whole 
> documentation topic should be discussed on the DocTeam list, lead by you.
I did :)

If you know the docbook format then you know that the advantages are
higher than the disadvantages. The format will not change dramatically
of the years, the toolchain - as also was written - is powerfull.

Norman Walsh has written a docbook-xsl system that is extremly
customizable by setting variables. So there is no full development for
the stylesheets but a task for customizing them.

The docbook format itself has features for customizing the output for
several purposes.

You write documentation for a native program. It's running on x86, ppc,
sparc. You can write all the different installation descriptions inside
one document and let the documentation processor render the docs for one
of the defined plattforms.

In the fact, docbook is for technical writing and that must be notified
by the users. You will not need to know the full set of tags, but a
defined subset. So if interested in usage, better define this set as
dropping the whole idea of usage.



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