[Typo3-typo3org] The next steps

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at icecrash.com
Tue Apr 12 17:18:24 CEST 2005

>   - users.typo3.org: In the long run we need a centralized management of
>     frontend users for the TYPO3 sites. René already created a technical 
>     solution using SOAP, but it has to be refined, documented and tested.
if this is a not yet implemented thing, please try NOT the SOAP way
first, but use LDAP for centralized user authentication.

* To implement a really clean SOAP solution is harder than implementing
a clean LDAP tree.
* LDAP is a more common way for user-authentication and accounting and
you can use it better with standard software interfaces.

What's needed for LDAP usage at *.typo3.org (my mind)?
* Design a DIT
* Possible build an own Objectclass typo3Account (or typo3Person) that
inherits from inetOrgPerson and adds missed attributes.
* Migrate accounts to LDAP.

If you really think twice about that, it's cleaner and a really longtime
solution (also I think it's faster by implementation).

Greets Sven

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