[Typo3-typo3org] Hosting the TYPO3 sites

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2005 at typo3.com
Tue Apr 12 14:33:36 CEST 2005

Hi Robert, Hi list,

I have done my best to read through this lengthy thread. I have also
talked with Robert over the phone. It seems like it will be hard to find
a solution which doesn't step on someones toes. However; Robert (and I)
have to take a decision, outline a path to go. When we do so it will not
have any personal undertones but only one, significant objective: 

* To make TYPO3 websites and services highly available and futureproof *
The decision might be less optimal, even wrong, but we have to try to
find out. And we have consulted widely, including on this list.

Key Problem:
In my opinion the key to solving the problems of bad service is
re-design of the software I originally wrote for
TER/Documentation/Mailing list archive combined with distributed hosting
and splitting up the individual components as far as possible. It is
*NOT* a hardware problem I think. 

To re-design the software, we need time for Robert to work on this.
punkt.de has offered a bundle where Robert gets paid for this work and
at the same time they will take over hosting. If someone comes up with a
better offer that (for instance) gives us more development time for
Robert that offer is just as valid in my view.

The suggestion Robert has proposed is centered around the fact that he
will have paid development time from punkt.de's offer. As long as we
remember that this is the key to solving the problems, I will support
this solution. I have no special opinion about the hosting of mailing
lists and the other sites except I believe that distributing it between
providers is a good idea.
It seems that punkt.de's offer includes hosting of TYPO3.org and if it's
a bundle we have to accept it that way. If punkt.de will pay Robert to
work on TYPO3.org software while keeping the hosting with netfielders
I'm fine with that as well - as long as the work gets done to fix the
site performance.

>From the list discussion I have these comments about the hosting issue:

- I DON'T think hardware is the problem. I trust that JH's setup is very
strong. I have even defended JH of criticism of the TYPO3.org hosting at
any occasion saying that it is more likely bad database design / coding
of TER which causes the problems, might even be TYPO3 core problems
(caching)! Therefore my interest about punkt.de's offer is that they
will pay for software optimization.

- It is NOT personal. The bottomline of JHs lengthy report on who has
been responsive and who not; No one has acted perfectly, I'm not
interested in pointing out a scapegoat and JH should not be one. 

- We want distributed hosting (2-3 places) anyway. All hosters will be
properly/equally credited.

 - kasper

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