[Typo3-typo3org] Hosting the TYPO3 sites

Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF] jh at netfielders.de
Tue Apr 12 01:50:46 CEST 2005

> I fully agree, and I think the responsible people should be root on 
> "their" machines, since those boxes are not doing anything else anyway, do 
> they?


> The lists and newsgroups work like a charm and I see no reason to complain 
> to netfielders. If Sympa is a better solution than mailman, go ahead...

I also do not see a reason to change it. I actualy think it makes more sense 
to set up some API to control it via typo3.org, which is of course possible. 
Sympa does not really look very mature and trustworthy like mailman, we do 
not feel comfortable with it. Of course, there are other opinions about it. 
But as long as my vote counts, we'd go for some interface to mailman and inn 
instead of switching to sympa. We'd have to get something going for Inn 

>>   - Should anyone else be asked before taking this decision? We need some
>>     really trustworthy people and a quick and future-proof solution at 
>> the
>>     same time.
> I think the only really future-proof thing IS splitting up hosting because 
> hosters will stop their support, hardware will break, and therefore we 
> should be worried about replacing things quickly instead of arguing about 
> the trustworthiness of some or another company offering support.

Actually that is why it's great that typo3.org and .com domains are NOT 
hosted with us or anyone else beside Sune, who is only hosting those 
domains. So if anyone decides to take away hosting of something from 
someone, it can be done within minutes without really bothering about 
hosters not cooperating. And I for sure support this. It just doesn't make 
much sense nor is it save for TYPO3 itself.

And finally Sune made a good job. I think I've seen it twice that DNS didn't 
work for a short time, which Sune solved in no time.


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