[Typo3-typo3org] Hosting the TYPO3 sites

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Apr 8 17:59:32 CEST 2005

Rainer (Rene) Suthoelder wrote:

> there is one thing in robert's initial email that makes confuses me a
> little bit: he's talking of "reverse proxy" what to me means that he is
> talking of a single central server again...
> maybe robert could eloborate a bit more on that.

That is a new feature of TYPO3 3.8.0. It allows you to control a proxy by
sending cache headers via HTTP which reflect TYPO3s internal caching
mechanism. The advantage is, for example for a part like the documentation
section, that cached data will be delivered directly by the webserver /
proxy and thus TYPO3 doesn't have to make a database query to deliver the
cached content.

Of course using this feature doesn't keep you from mirroring the TER or
other parts of the site.


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