[Typo3-typo3org] Hosting the TYPO3 sites

Rainer (Rene) Suthoelder t3 at boswel-remove-me.de
Fri Apr 8 17:53:42 CEST 2005

Olivier Dobberkau wrote:

> I believe that it would be nice to have a clear hosting strategy with
> one partner and not twenty...

disagree on that. i assume that the TER and the repository create most of 
the current sever load. therefore, it would be advisible to

- switch TER to a file based system
- switch doc server to a file based system
- find file mirroring partners around the world
- create a load balancing system for the "old" TER/doc server request and 
distribute those requests amongst the mirroring partners

look at the apache or php website, they do it exactly this way...

if one mirror fails: who cares, since there are others available. also, 
doing so wouldn't require the partners to invest heavily on infrastructure 
(i.e. servers) since we are talking about file distribution only. i think 
there are many partners out there who would happily donate some of their 
bandwidth, file space and server computing time to help to keep the TER up 
and running.
also, i think that on the partner's mirror site there would be a much 
simpler module/extension/mechanism/whatever than the current extrep which 
would handle incoming requests, so probably no additional invest requiered 
for them.

there is one thing in robert's initial email that makes confuses me a little 
bit: he's talking of "reverse proxy" what to me means that he is talking of 
a single central server again...

maybe robert could eloborate a bit more on that.



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