[Typo3-typo3org] updates done...

Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF] jh at netfielders.de
Thu Apr 7 12:24:56 CEST 2005

I found one other problem:

IF it renders those 700kb of doc-matrix, which just takes a while, then I 
only get links to extension-docs etc., none for all core docs. I can think 
off having those docs at another place, so links are not generated because 
the files are not found, not sure though. It is NOT the problem which came 
up after Kasper installed his subscription extension, as that would cose no 
links to be generated.

Who set up the doc-matrix originaly?


"Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF]" <jh at netfielders.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:mailman.1.1112827372.32206.typo3-team-typo3org at lists.netfielders.de...
> Hello!
> After Kasper deaktivated his extension on monday, I could switch back 
> those temporary bugfixes I added. typo3.org has been running fine the last 
> two days and no other problems turned up so I thought it was save to 
> update to not mix up problems. I just updated typo3.org sources and cleand 
> up a few things, run myisamchk just to make sure etc...
> It's running fine, I do not see any problems. We'll keep an eye on it and 
> the mailinglists. If no problems turn up until the weekend, I suggest to 
> set up things for the proxy. So... if anyone get's hold of bugs, please 
> send them. Otherwise I'll activate proxy at the weekend.
> Jan-Hendrik

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