[Typo3-typo3org] Separating typo3.org and typo3.com

Daniel Hinderink [TYPO3] daniel at typo3.org
Mon Apr 4 21:48:22 CEST 2005


My first mail on this did not seem to go through:

> just for your information: Yesterday Jan-Hendrik copied the whole typo3.org
> installation to the idle server.

Have you thought about the fact, that the references and consultancy entries
on both sites use the same tables? That means I people can not update their
data on .com anymore and i cannot select any new entries for the respective
pages unless .com operates on the .org tables remotely.

Other than that, I will need to clean up the whole installation, starting
with the users and erasing all the .org stuff I don't need.
Several people have volunteered to work on the site in the future, so i will
also add some new users and groups and get the new template rigged.

Robert and JH: Please don't fiddle with it until I am done, which will be in
two weeks or so.



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