[Typo3-typo3org] TYPO3.org: Upgrade

Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF] jh at netfielders.de
Sat Apr 2 16:23:16 CEST 2005

Hello, we can offer virtual servers in düsseldorf and usa, if that's 


"Juergen Egeling" <egeling at punkt.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
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>* Robert Lemke <robert at typo3.org> [050401 12:13]:
>> As mentioned by Michael Hirdes in a different thread: My dream is having 
>> a
>> site called monitor.typo3.org with nice statistics about *all* official 
>> TYPO3
>> sites. And that monitoring should also include the TER in the future.
> Yes, but one is not enough IMHO. We where DOSed today and so as we
> tested if external servers where there, it reported, that they are
> gone, but all what was gone was the DOSed machine on its own.
> So IMHO if one want it 100% perfect you need *some* testing
> servers, that giva alert if more of them is gone. I *think* I
> have see such a servicem, but cannot remember.
> What we should keep i mind is that if we measure things, we *always*
> masure both sites. Like if you say: This ping takes 30ms, all you
> know is that is takes 30ms between those machines (which is fine),
> but if its 500ms, you cannot say the other machine is wrong, because
> your side also migh be in trouble, ...
> Anyway: we shouls start, but keep this in mind.
>> That's quite a project on it's own but I guess that it's really 
>> interesting
>> and of course very useful. So if anyone of you *really* and honestly 
>> wants to
>> lead such a project and put it into reality, please raise your hand and 
>> form
>> a team.
> Raise.
> Juergen 

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