[TYPO3-core] Re: problems after upgrading from typo3 6.2.16 to 6.2.17

Alex Tuveri at at uniud.it
Tue Jan 12 09:07:18 CET 2016

I'm not a core developer, so I had the same problem and answered sendig some suggestion.
However, bad news. I fixed a site running on PHP 5.5/MYSQL 5.5, automaketemplate + rlmp_tmplselector and symlinked to v. 6.2.17, according to the steps before.
All is working well, no problem.
Now the same problem occurs with PHP 5.4.30/MYSQL 5.5,  automaketemplate + rlmp_tmplselector. I tried all suggestion above and nothing works, so I re-symlinked to the previous v. 6.2.16 and all is OK.
For the core developers; please take note -- the is something to fix....

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