[TYPO3-core] problems after upgrading from typo3 6.2.16 to 6.2.17

Alex Tuveri at at uniud.it
Tue Jan 5 13:43:12 CET 2016

HI I resolved in this way:

from BE, ADMIN:
* clear all fe cache
* clear all configuration cache
* enter into INSTALL TOOL and from IMPORTANT ACTION press the CLEAR ALL CACHE button

adding to this, if you have SSH access, you can also clear the cache:

.. goto the root of your site (tipically: /var/www/www.yoursite.tld/web)


rm typo3temp/Cache/*

(other users believe that this is unuseful but often I resolved some problems clearing manually the files in this way).

Reload the page (F5 / ctrl F5) on your browser.

If something do not works please check the content of your error.log (or error_log) and post it here

have a nice day


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