[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Andreas Allacher andreas.allacher at gmx.at
Mon Mar 23 18:15:16 CET 2015

True, in most cases you don't rename pages. The will stay the same.
But it might happen and it will happen, because someone decides to instead of calling the page e.g. "Kontakt", it will also be called "Contact" in German or whatever.

And if speaking URLs move into the core, this also needs to be dealt with.
If one does such a rename, one really does not want the page title to be "Contact" wheras the speaking URL segment is "kontakt"
So it also needs to use the new title.

Best case would be anyway to add a speaking URL segment to page records (and other records) that have to be unique and are by default calculated via the title, plus numeric value (if it is not unique).
However, even then on a page rename, I might want to change that segment too.
It will not happen often, but it can happen, and there usually is the possibility that it will automatically redirect.

However, this results in one problem: it would be unique over everything but I actually only need it to be unique for the 'pid' value.

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