[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Andreas Allacher andreas.allacher at gmx.at
Mon Mar 23 10:16:18 CET 2015

Actually, I disagree here because, e.g. if I rename a page, there should automatically be a redirect from the old page to the new page.
Especially, regarding SEO. Might not be necessary all the time.

Yes, regarding performance it would be better otherwise but I doubt it would be a good idea to have all Backend user who are capable of renaming pages to edit the .htaccess

Maybe, we could just add those redirects to .htaccess automatically and mark with comments before and after.

Or do a redirect exist check before any TYPO3 is initialized (or at least too much is initialized). After all that should be relatively fast, might not even require Database.

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