[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Christian Reiter cr at cNOSPAMxd.de
Fri Mar 20 00:26:58 CET 2015

Am 18.03.2015 um 15:12 schrieb Christian Kuhn:

> During this time the
> official introduction distribution package failed to install. It threw
> an exception that realurl dependency could not be resolved.
> So no CMS 7 with a working frontend out of the box. And with current
> compatibility settings in realurl it will fail with 7.2 again. I demand
> having a *working* routing in master all the time. Now.

This is a *VERY* important factor.

I cannot understand at all why TYPO3 7 was released this way.

Anyone who "gave the newest TYPO3 a chance" from scratch, tried the 7.0 
with Introduction Package.

Result: It breaks.

Conclusion (IT Department of Big Enterprise CMS Customer): "TYPO3 
doesn't work. The new official release can't even install it's own 
default package. We really don't need to consider TYPO3 ever again. 
Let's go and use a system that works".

This has been a kill factor. It's especially deadly for those who are 
thinking of migrating away from TYPO3 due to past problems, this kind of 
evaluation makes them feel "TYPO3 has relly dropped the ball. Forget 
it.". It would have been better to just disable the introduction package.

URL routing is indispensable. It's a high priority. I can understand why 
people don't want to integrate RealURL code into the core. If the code 
is unacceptable bu nobody has cared to develop an alternative  maybe 
priorities where chosen wrongly in the past. This cannot be corrected by 
criticizing it now.

If it will take years(!) to develop proper routing, RealURL will have to 
be accepted in some way to avoid the catastrophic fiasco described above.

Honestly, if an extension is endorsed as part of the official 
introduction Package , which is available BY DEFAULT AFTER FRESH 
INSTALL, then this extension has automatically been given a higher level 
of importance than any random TER extension, even if there is no 
official name for that status.

Maybe that is the problem.

Before the release of a major version somebody should check whether the 
Introduction Package still works. It has a limited number of extensions. 
If any of the "Introduction-endorsed extensions" has problems then 
before the release it MUST be made compatible, be replaced, or removed.

Saying "this is a third-party TER extension and we will not do a thing" 
is no excuse IMHO. (then remove it from Introduction!)

Afer all I don't think that individual developers who created those TER 
extensions that are included in the package signed a contract that binds 
them to mak the extensions compatible before any major release.

The sad truth is that many people seperately and individually have 
hacked RealURL to work with 7.x. Getting it to "just work" is not that 
difficult, I also did that for a demonstration for a client.

So if we don't want to have RealURL in the core, but we desperately need 
it anyway, it should become a "Featured Extension" that gets extra 
attention and is guaranteed to work with a new release - that status 
should be given to any extension included in the Introduction.

As soon as any BASIC new routing sysext (or outright core function) is 
implemented, RealURL can be removed from the Introduction Package and 
will be a normal TER extension to install at own risk.

It is NOT a problem if the new routing system has less features than 

For instance, the first iterations of FAL (6.0/6.1) did not even 
approach solving all the use cases of old DAM, but were released 
nevertheless. Without alternative.

BTW things like managing permanent redirects shouldn't be a job for 
RealURL - even Dmitry says that.



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