[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Wed Mar 18 16:45:30 CET 2015

On 03/18/2015 03:53 PM, Christian Kuhn wrote:
> On 18.03.2015 15:31, Mathias Brodala wrote:


>> And if a cleaner compatibility approach is desired for realurl I'd
>> expect Dmitry to accept patches. Has someone offered his help and was
>> declined?
> Exactly. realurl is fully namespaced and BE modules are rewritten in
> forks. These patches were not accepted and an ugly layer was introduced
> instead. Dmitry insists on being the only one who can maintain realurl
> and basically never accepts anything from someone else. This is like a
> truck factor of 1 with the person being hit already. From core point of
> view, this is not acceptable for a functionality that is a hard
> requirement in all serious projects.
> https://forge.typo3.org/issues/63506

Well, the way you outline it here here sounds like a rude
takeover-scenario. In case there are enough backers for the decision to
take posession of Dmitrys extension (*sigh*) let's at least officially
fork it under a new name and please try to talk with Dmitry in person so
he doesn't get it totally wrong.
(But there isn't much about it to find "nice words" for actually ...).

So it all boils down to:
* We need something like this.
* It's ugly codewise.
* But we won't be able to come up with something new shortly.
* And core should now decide if they accept the challenge to turn it
into "something better" step by step.

Wow ...

Kind regards,

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