[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Mathias Brodala mbrodala at pagemachine.de
Wed Mar 18 15:31:49 CET 2015


2015-03-18 15:12 GMT+01:00 Christian Kuhn <lolli at schwarzbu.ch>:
> Nope. realurl with a (ugly) compat layer for 7.1 was just released last
> week: More than 3 month after 7.0 release. During this time the (perfectly
> maintained including active support from core team members) official
> introduction distribution package failed to install. It threw an exception
> that realurl dependency could not be resolved.
> So no CMS 7 with a working frontend out of the box.

You don't need the distribution package for a working frontend in CMS 7 and
I don't get why realurl is a dependency for the introduction package.
Firstly speaking URLs are not necessary to have a working frontend.
Secondly alternatives like cooluri exist. Admittedly I don't know whether
it works with CMS 7 though.

And if a cleaner compatibility approach is desired for realurl I'd expect
Dmitry to accept patches. Has someone offered his help and was declined?

> I demand having a *working* routing in master all the time. Now. It is an
> absolute no-go to rely on a 3rd party package for an official installation
> process to run successfully.

Absolutely agree with you here.

> I guess people will love us if we later maybe find better routing *and*
> provide some layer to migrate old configuration out of the box. Also, this
> enables us to shift slowly towards this solution in small steps. We learned
> the hard way already that big steps don't work.

Still this is something "nice to have" and not a deal breaker. Not having a
migration path right away is also an option if the new system is vastly
easier to configure and thus the overhead of manually porting is low.

Regards, Mathias
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