[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Sun Mar 15 21:32:18 CET 2015


On 03/15/2015 09:11 PM, Claus Due wrote:
> (Rant mode: can we *please* stop puttin' extension after extension in
> the sysext folder and start using TER? Thank you!)

? Number of core extensions in 4.5: 56 ... master: 57

> @Christian Kuhn: I think you maybe a bit too conservative on the
> estimates there. Also, I think that implementing a routing component
> does not necessarily have to happen in all the contexts you mention at
> the same time before it can be called usable. Generally speaking,
> collecting a "best of all" approach amounts to design by concensus and
> tends to end up in over-engineering. We may be better off creating this
> as a simple (relatively speaking) wrapping around SF2 routing which we
> implement in steps, bringing more and more contexts into our supported
> scope. Who's to say the initial version wouldn't be entirely adequate if
> it could only route languages, pages and Extbase controllers but had no
> TypoScript API?

The basic sf2 routing component relies on Request/Response. Current 
master only got a rough request model, no real API for extension yet. 
sf2 base routing can only do static routes, nothing dynamic at all. So 
no route to your news record. That doesn't fit, not even on small scale.


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