[TYPO3-core] FAL: get rid of fileadmin/_processed_ and use typo3temp instead?

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Mon Sep 22 15:11:09 CEST 2014

Hi Marcus!

On 22.09.14 01:08, Markus Klein wrote:

> I didn't read the whole thread here, but after reading your answer one thing comes immediately to my mind:
> What about read-only storages?
> I agree that processed files are only variants, but I disagree that those have to be stored in the same storage.

Yeah, please see my other post. Not the same storage, but a storage (and 
by default the same).

> I even ask the general question: Why would I store a processed file in the storage of the original file,

If your storage is a CDN, then you want processed files also be 
delivered by the CDN and not by your local webserver.

> if I had no usage of this file in the storage?


> A processed file is only relevant to the CMS, but usually not for the editor, the storage or anyone else.

Processed files (the folder) is not visible for editors.
My point is that hardcoding a local file location for processed files, 
circumventing the Driver/Storage abstraction does not make sense.

It does make sense however to allow the processed files of a storage to 
be located in a different storage. This would be clean and I think it 
should not be too hard to implement.

> Example: I don't want the processed files to be stored on my dropbox account, but I want to use my images from the cloud storage.

See above.

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