[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Paul Blondiaux paul at blondiaux.com
Thu Sep 11 14:09:53 CEST 2014

Hi There,

After reading carefully the whole thread, I tried to sum it up (see : typo3.blondiaux.com) together with my thoughts.

First of all, please do not see any proof of orgeil or any will to start a dispute in this article. Secondly, I'd like to share with you some thoughts : 
=> My 1rst Statement :  From a technical POV: the feature list given in the previous parts is great and the expected code quality is high. That's a bit TYPO3 brand, but I think we are "closing" ourselves as a community as we are sometime loosing the end users'need of sight.
-> My vision : integrating new technology has a big pro : it'll keep us the leading path (not cutting edge though), but a big con : what about tech resources and mainteners ? One question : can we qualify the real value that'll bring us (community, users, techs) against other competitors CMS,

=> My 2nd Statement :  From an ergonomical and usability POV : yeah, well, being an early TYPO3 CMS user, I think I've heard them all... so I won't do any user feedback like "old school looking"... and so on. But From an end user POV, the daily contribution must be easy. It's like Apple Design or Web Accessibility : KISS it ! (Keep it simple and stupid). 
-> My Vision : I don't think that we will be (with all due respect of the creative guys around there) able to reinvent the wheel and be revolutionnary, but we can identify the gaps, holes and needs and fil them : BE restauration (theming / skinning), BE customization (skin it to fit the customer's design), BE amazement (Social "Wall", moveable blocks netvibe like)... to cut it short, for me, it's all about contributor usage and sniffing the competitors killer UI,

=> My 3rd statement : From a community POV : I have nothing to say regarding the way it works and is organized. The commitees are here for that. But as I'm also part of the French Drupal Community.
-> My Vision : I do confirm, as Cyril Wolfangel said during the T3UNI14, that we miss tow kinds of personae within our community : Some good communication and marketing "bullsh...ers" (SIC!) and a real team to benchmark our "competitors" killers features, stuff, ideas, UI ... so, we do have a great tools, but seems that we fail (at least in France) in "recruiting" new fans within our clients and end-users.

Thats All Folks (more might be rude :-). Please do no take my remarks the harsh way as they are NOT mean to be taken this way.
And one more time : thanks to all the goods guys for their investment and the future they are building.


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