[TYPO3-core] FAL: connecting non-hierarchical file database with metadata in TYPO3 db

François Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Wed Sep 3 14:50:08 CEST 2014

Hi Franz,

> The core is unfortunately heavily relying on sys_file_metadata and in
> some places also directly making use of the metadataRepository instead
> of going the object oriented way and asking the file objects for the
> demanded properties. And this is my main issue at the moment. I'm not
> able to let TYPO3 sync/index all the files from this file database
> (product images, ...) and keep them synced with their metadata. Indexing
> on demand is fine, so that the refindex is working, but
> sys_file_metadata records should not be created and always come from
> remote database/fileObject.

I agree that this seems a real issue, as it pretty much block developing 
a FAL driver without importing all data. We already have this issue with 
FE users, for which the Core does a join between fe_users and 
fe_sessions, making it impossible to work without fe_users records. We 
should avoid repeating the same design flaw with FAL. It should be 
possible to import metadata, but not mandatory.

If this is fixable (hopefully it is), it should be considered a bug IMO 
and fixed in 6.2.



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