[TYPO3-core] Different title tag when using "subtitle" field

Kamil R pankamilr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 15:01:11 CEST 2014

Do I really have to use only "10" as you example says? It really doesn't work as you expecting. When I paste only your code to my settings field whole "function" display as static text at the top of the site. And still .... it print both wraps at one time. I modified my page.HeaderData code and now it looks like below:

page.headerData {
	10 = TEXT	
	10 {
		value = <title>
	12 = TEXT
	12 {
		override.fieldRequired = subtitle
		override.dataWrap = | - X
		field = title
		dataWrap = | - {$title_sufix}
	14 = TEXT
	14 {
		value = </title>

I will be much appreciate if you could look into some your typo3 installation and try to modified your theme as I try to accomplish. For now it failed. Many many thanks Jo!

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