[TYPO3-core] After the LTS is before the LTS

Markus Dange markusdange at t-online.de
Sat Jun 28 14:09:27 CEST 2014

Dear Typo3-Team,

first of all thank you all ever so much for putting so much work and passion into Typo3 which is a great CMS.

I hardly know anything about programming and I fear I only half understood the blueprint. 

I just wanted to add a customer view to the future of Typo3:
I run a midsize non-profit website based now on Typo3 6.2. We have just done the upgrade from Typo3 4.7 to Typo3 6.2 which meant a really BIG effort since the whole website-community uses a special extension which had to be written by a Typo3 agency. So we had to put a lot of effort into programming everything new from pi_base to Extbase.

So my biggest wish for the future is to make it very easy to use this new programmed extension for many years in the future without making any changes. Reasons for this are:
1. The extension now works very well and I do not believe I will want to make bigger (if at all any) changes within the next ten years.
2. I do not have the time and especially money to spend thousands of Euros every three years to make the old extension work in the next LTS version of Typo3.
3. Typo3 6.2  is already so great that I do not miss anything in it for my website. So the only reason for me to upgrade to a newer Typo3 version will be that one day there will not be any more security patches for Typo3 6.2. But I want to run my website only with security updates.

So for me - and I believe also for very many other customers - it is most important that my investment into Typo3 6.2 will work still in 10 years.

So please make it possible that extensions which work in Typo3 6.2 will also still work in 10 years and if there need changes to be done please make them to be done within very little time.

Thank you ever so much for your work.

With best regards,


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