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Fri Jun 20 13:08:34 CEST 2014

Build Update for TYPO3-coreapi/TYPO3CMS

Build: #2
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Duration: 3 minutes and 31 seconds
Commit: adad5fe (master)
Author: Stefano Kowalke
Message: [FEATURE] Integrate Symfony/Console into CommandController

This is a backport from the new introduced feature in Flow

This extends the base ``CommandController`` by some convenience
helpers from the ``symfony/console`` package:
easy output coloring through "<error>Warning!</error>"
TableHelper to render values to a grid
ProgressHelper to render and advance and progress bars
DialogHelper with numerous types of questions like: select,
ask, confirm, askHidden, etc
Additionally this change improves the
``mapRequestArgumentsToControllerArguments()`` method to ask for
missing required arguments instead of quitting with an exception.
You can make use of the new features by calling the introduced
proxy methods from within your CommandController:
This change does not alter the public API so it is not breaking
in the strict sense. But it introduces a new behavior:
Previously all outputs where collected in the ``Cli\Response``
and only rendered to the console at the end of a CLI request.
Now all methods producing output (inluding ``output()`` and
``outputLine()``) render the result directly to the console.
If you use ``$this->response`` directly or let the command method
return a string, the rendering is still deferred until the end of
the CLI request.

Resolves: #59606
Releases: 6.2, 6.3
Change-Id: I33e051f698f5cc1e204f609734280bbed69610c9

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