[TYPO3-core] Changing behavior of the TEXT cObject

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Feb 6 15:52:49 CET 2014

> what about the "wrap" properties most of the cObjects have?
> In the current implementation I do see a difference between e.g.
> COA.wrap and COA.stdWrap.wrap:
> COA.wrap
> - a string with a pipe character as separator
> - the string can be created and modified via stdWrap properties
> COA.stdWrap.wrap
> - a string with a configurable (".splitChar") separator
> - no stdWrap properties here

stdWrap.wrap has got the same stdWrap properties as any other stdWrap 
This has been introduced with 4.5 and is called "chained stdWrap".
So the string can always be modified with stdWrap properties and the 
only difference is, that there will be an additional splitChar for the 
rootlevel wrap, that defaults to the pipe character as well.

So existing COA.wrap will behave as before.

> The execution order would change, too. Currently COA.wrap would be
> executed before COA.stdWrap.innerWrap. After your suggested change
> COA.wrap would be executed after COA.innerWrap.

stdWrap has got stdWrap as a propery itself, so there is no need to 
shift any of the properties immediately, since they will continue 
working as expected.

This gives us the chance to move them carefully one by one without 
having to deprecate anything. Just replace some documentation about the 
best practise how to use stdWrap properties.

For the special case you mentioned we could for example change the 
TypoScript setting of a particular COA in the CSS-styled-content setup 
so that it will do


10 = COA
10 {
   wrap = 1|1
   stdWrap.innerWrap = 2|2

Possible After:

10 = COA
10 {
   stdWrap.wrap = 1|1
   innerWrap = 2|2

But actually it would be better to do it like that

10 = COA
10 {
   innerWrap = 1|1
   innerWrap2 = 2|2

or maybe even

10 = COA
10 {
   wrap = 1|1
   wrap.wrap = 2|2

So we will still have some work to do while changing the templates, but 
as long as you don't change them, their behaviour will be the same. No 
need to hurry.



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