[TYPO3-core] Common directory-names

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Mon Feb 3 12:38:27 CET 2014


if there is some official recommendation that I just didn't find yet,
please excuse and kindly point me there. But having seen various
solutions I'd like to ask: Do we have a common understanding of
directory-names for things like JS and CSS?
Imho that applies to both extensions but also what people might be using
for their templating-directories etc. While everybody could just go with
"templates/css/", from extensions I have the feeling that


might be one possible (official?) way. Looking at the various solutions
from extension-authors etc. I wonder though how the exact naming should be:

StyleSheet, StyleSheets, Stylesheet(s), ...
And same for:
JavaScript(s), Javascript(s), ...

I personally don't think the second uppercased letter in there makes
much sense. But I don't mind much and would either like to stick to an
already decided variant or suggest that we come up with a recommendation.

Kind regards,

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