[TYPO3-core] Turn off TravisCI posts to this list

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Sun Feb 2 21:41:18 CET 2014

Hi Steffen,

Steffen Müller wrote:

> As long as we use this channel to notify about action to be done, we
> better also use it to communicate about progress, state and
> responsibility taken. A simple "I'm working on it" - "I've fixed it" is
> sufficient.

Well, if I see a broken build message here and there is no sprint going on 
and the message is older than a couple hours, then I check the travis report 
and try to find the last merged change by the review URL in the commit 

Then I either leave a note in the change or post to the core list if I am 
working on a fix. In most cases I will try to contact the auther/merger to 
have a timeline for a fix or fix it myself (e.g. like the broken tests after 
repo change).

I think this how it is supposed to work.

If a sprint (like this weekend) is going on, the I leave it to the sprint 
people to fix the builds, as they have an eye on it and most likely 
communicate offline already.

IMHO it is great to have those notification in this list.

Best regards
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