[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Franz Koch typo3.RemoveForMessage at elements-net.de
Fri Aug 29 15:31:32 CEST 2014

Hey folks,

> Being more a developer than a user or an integrator, I enjoy working
> with 6.2, as I can produce much better structured code. However I am
> still sometimes a user and I regret that so little improvements have
> been brought to that area. A long-time user of TemplaVoilà, I recently
> had to pick up projects from other agencies, which used the traditional
> Page module. Its usability is really inferior, especially when it comes
> to translation handling (although I am not expecting miracles for a site
> with 30+ languages).

+100 on that. Translation handling in stock page module is a huge PITA. 
So improvements in the direction of TemplaVoila was/is handling it would 
be a warm welcome - especially for editors.

As a long term TYPO3 dev and integrator (in the boat since 3.5 IIRC), 
here would be my suggestions:

- I agree with Claus Due and share his vision, like
   * make TypoScript as optional as possible and stick
     with well known standards where possible
   * get rid of CSC (make it optional for backwards compat)
     and move over to pure FLUID rendering by default
- to attract more integrators and increase popularity,
   provide "themes" and an easy way to install them
   (even though I absolutely hate themes personally)
- make default FE templates/rendering responsive
   (and maybe even use a wide spread framework like bootstrap)
- clean up TER - way to much outdated bloat there IMO
- pretty pretty please a new backend that works with mobile devices
- webservice support out of the box
   * pick up the concept/vision Helmut Hummel showed at some devcon
   * optimized bootstrap, missing interfaces/hooks/caches in core
   * transport protocols (REST/SOAP) + data converters
     (extbase -> JSON/XML) as standalone extensions
   * easy way for extensions to hook in and add new features
- some more, but work is calling again ;)

kind regards,
Franz Koch

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