[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Fri Aug 22 08:39:56 CEST 2014

Am 21.08.14 13:15, schrieb Felix Kopp:

> + State of the art content elements
> Fitting content elements for adding html/ad server tags,
> youtube/vimeo/soundcloud player with automatic poster image,
> slider/gallery, secure file download list with password, social media
> widgets, google maps plan, zoomable hi-res image. Solution: 1) easy
> convention to create custom content elements with flexform+fluid output
> or 2) bring all necessary defaults or both.

one year ago I had this idea:

a new (sys?)extension 'content' which replaces the table tt_content and 
CSC (like tt_news to news?)

the records will start as a stumb having all TYPO3-fields like uid, pid, 
sys_langugae_uid, version and one field for the type like CType

based on that further extensions can add individual CEs by adding fields 
(preferred real database fields than XML, maybe as a relation to further 
tables than a bunch of additional fields in the stumb records) and 
rendering information. this rendering could be pure typoscript, but also 
be a fluid-template and external CSS and JS

the core may introduce some basic CEs like the existing ones or those 
everyone uses today in a hundred differnt extensions or JS-add-ons 
(accordion, slider, tabbed content, ...)
in this way it may also  be containers for other CEs (IRRE)

and if we agree on some base elements it would be possible to switch 
rendering/ styling with CSS-themes and frameworks like bootstrap, 
foundation, ...

as I'm not available in time and knowledge to implement something like 
this I like others to take this idea to build up a general base for new 
and flexible CEs. either in the core or in a new extension.
If all the extension-authors which build extensions to enable individual 
CEs join their forces and their best ideas TYPO3 could gain a lot more 


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