[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Mathias Schreiber mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu Aug 21 17:52:10 CEST 2014

Quote: Markus Klein (liayn) wrote on Thu, 21 August 2014 17:38
> Awesome list Felix!
> My first thought (as a developer) when I read through the list: Rewrite it from scratch. ;-)


> Is there such a list for Neos? How much does it overlap?
> We should talk about it in Munich.
> The point about the broken language handling alone is a nightmare to fix. :-(

Instead of using an UID to identify a language you need two properties.
- locale
- scope

While locale works as a hard definition (de_CH or fr_BE fx) the scope should be freely definable by the current demand.
So having the scope "SME" in locale "de_CH" would very much be sufficent.

A stacked rule of fallbacks could be defined via TS and you're pretty much done.

Migrating locale handling would be trickier because it involves user interaction.
TBH I would skip this kind of wizard completely.
Of someone went down the current road it should not be too hard to adapt conceptual changes.

I highly disagree on the L parameter.
This is something realURL did wrong from day one.
A parameter should not be needed to define a language while it MAY be used to do so.
Changing scopes (or markets as Felix referred to) should be done in a variety of ways - a GET parameter being only one of them.

I want to be able to switch either using a GET parameter, using a domain or whatever custom condition I come up with (like IP ranges, device recognition etc.).

My 10 cents :)

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