[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Markus Klein klein.t3 at reelworx.at
Thu Aug 21 17:38:28 CEST 2014

Awesome list Felix!

My first thought (as a developer) when I read through the list: Rewrite it from scratch. ;-)
Is there such a list for Neos? How much does it overlap?

We should talk about it in Munich.
The point about the broken language handling alone is a nightmare to fix. :-(

Kind regards

Markus Klein
TYPO3 CMS Active Contributors Team Member

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> Hello everyone,
> there are many things that are needed within CMS for integrators / clients on
> a everyday basis. Currently standard installations needs too many
> adjustments to be usable for standard tasks.
> Let set two or three goals for the product CMS:
> + more stability (predictability)
> + stronger default (less alternatives)
> Which themselves then results in easier customization, faster
> implementation, better time prediction, less costs for adaption, less errors,
> more client power, less agency/developer time, ...
> Missing and improvable features / assorted and wild:
> + Easy HTTPS set-up
> Proof that felogin / cookies work out of the box for https. Tackle sys_domain
> records, baseURL and cookie patterns. Automatic redirects for https forced
> environments.
> + Easy Routing
> Find a good core solution for speaking urls/routing including extbase and
> controller paths. Must be a core feature, easy configurable, SEO optimized.
> Include in core and improve.
> + "Site packages" or "Themes"
> Implement a extension container or standard that can be downloaded and
> deployed. Define an extension type for templates and CSS and JS and
> domain records that is an extension which is based on zip/t3x/extension
> manager infrastructure. Include in core. This will enable easy theming and
> might create an ecosystem of out of the box themes. Decide.
> + Easy CDN integration
> Core functionality to rewrite paths for subdirectories to absolute CDN urls
> (instead of relative typo3temp/ //cdn.domain.tld/typo3temp/).
> + Bring all necessary viewhelpers
> If extbase+fluid is the way to go and the future technology for all backend
> and frontend development: deliver all necessary tools and utils for input
> fields. E.g. upload viewhelper, date/datetime picker viewhelpers, range
> viewhelper, ...
> + Easier Flexform integration
> When constructing content elements with user input flexforms are needed.
> Reduce complexity when using flexforms: Begins in kickoff when using
> extension_build (allow field "[x] Use flexform?") goes to convention (where
> to put the xml file: Configuration/Flexform/). Registering flexforms in
> pi_flexform is an absolute burden. Certainly most people must look this up
> every time. Find a good convention.
> + Easy Piwik/Google Analytics
> Out-of-the box template option to include basic tracking code per domain
> into the template. Editable for editors ... without Typoscript.
> + Improve Locale/Language
> Make it easier to set necessary data in TypoScript/templates:
> sys_language_uid / locale_all / L parameter. There need to be an official
> convention without configuration. Especially working with multi-tree
> (markets!) plus multi-language setup is complicated. Easy the pain.
> + BaseURL
> Solve and present a solution for baseURL in multi domain, multi protocol
> setups. Dev, Preview, Live server with http + https. Deliver a standard
> solution - possibly typoscript condition / configuration or drop baseURL.
> + Closed user area / felogin
> Decide on wether we want to deliver a good community/closed user area
> concept or not. If we want to bring that functionality: improve felogin and
> password forgot functionality. Ensure login/fraut sys_log is written and can
> be seen. Successful and failed login count or protocol per frontend user. User
> registration, user deletion, user edit password/profil. Bring a stable solution
> or remove and point to third party.
> + Multi channel and medium
> It is complicated to include "hide on mobile" flag in content elements. Bring a
> good profound solution in the core to enable hide/show flags per
> medium/column. Especially in responsive web design a grid might be
> 6columns wide in XS screens but only 3columns wide on L/XL screens. Find a
> solutions.
> + Fluid page template standard
> Modern template building and typoscript frontend might not be best
> approach to go. Create, support and deliver good fluidtemplate page
> template solution/tutorial. There will be not viewhelpers needed to create
> modern templates with fluidtemplate and less typoscript: hmenu
> viewhelper, logged in user date (salution+name). Decide and improve. Set a
> target: fluid powered website templates (header, navigation, social media
> links, content, footer) can be created with less that 50 line of typoscript code.
> + How should users develop?
> Would you like to see integrations & developers implement extensions and
> themes within the backend or externally? Either improve Template backend
> module and improve tools (template ditor, CSS, preview) or take a clear
> position and remove + guide users.
> + Overwork CSC / tt_content typoscript
> Improve and include css html5 rendering with more data attributes in html,
> less stdWrap and dataWrap in typoscript. Also make it easier to integrate
> custom fields in content elements.
> + Self-explaining erros
> Reduce the amount of fatal exceptions, also make those exceptions self-
> explaining where possible. Show clear position and help/notice in
> FormEngine which field throws which errors. This especially goes for
> Flexforms.
> + Less reloads in the backend
> Most page reloads can be avoided nowadays: change of tt_content / record
> type (form with JS and data-type). Hide/show element records (ajax) in page
> and list. Drag+drop content element.
> + Customizable backend
> Easy customizable html based backend with less ExtJS and more pure
> HTML+JavaScript. Customizable colors/logos based on css pre-processor.
> + Backend LiveSearch
> Improve the search functionality in the backend: Show records with better
> preview. Search not only records by text, but also the results of tags and
> meta data, categories. We need filters/facets to drill down into the result list.
> Users have to manage more and more content. Search could become the
> central navigation.
> + Social CMS
> Editing could deliver a timeline of the last changes per record/content. Filters
> might be releavnt changes, my changes, team changes (be_group). See who
> is editing what and observe the changes while editing. Systemwide Timeline
> of changes / improves history. Avatars/images for users.
> + Copy/Paste
> Improve the experience of copy+paste with and without the clipboard.
> Display Paste icons without reload, show what content will be added/moved
> and peview the changes. Drag+Drop copy and paste with the page tree and
> folder tree.
> + Multi-lange editing
> Ensure multi language editing works perfectly: Display content elements in all
> languages in correct sorting, grid/column. Especially look at "All languages"
> flag in content elements.
> + Introduction distribution
> Bring CMS version with good be_group and user, theme (puristic html5
> wireframe), pages (bootstrap distribution is a good start).
> + Facebook app / Microsite / One-Pager distribution
> What about a facebook-app container distribution: minimalistic CMS,
> template, like widget, facebook connect/login, fan gate. (This results in a mini
> CMS core component)
> + Easy EID or AJAX
> There might a good standard pageType or eID location for the server side for
> ajax calls. Standard path / standard extend class / standard page type and
> url?
> + Easy sprite generator in the frontend
> Find a good documented solution to enable sprite generation for custom
> themes / custom CSS and templates handled by CMS. Preferably With a
> viewhelper that takes uri and does everything itself.
> + Standard for XLIF/XML
> Reduce the amount of different xml/xlif files in extensions.
> + State of the art content elements
> Fitting content elements for adding html/ad server tags,
> youtube/vimeo/soundcloud player with automatic poster image,
> slider/gallery, secure file download list with password, social media widgets,
> google maps plan, zoomable hi-res image. Solution: 1) easy convention to
> create custom content elements with flexform+fluid output or 2) bring all
> necessary defaults or both.
> + Standard task center/dashboard
> Bring an easy to use KPI dashboard to display stats, easy plug-able for
> analytics, remote software. Only this will ensure CMS is the content / data
> hub for remote systems!
> My conclusion:
> I see CMS a the central "HUB" for content, information and logs/statistics.
> CMS should be the central data management, single sign login server,
> content management component.
> The profile for CMS:
> It must be easy to manage content over the complete life-cycle: import,
> handle, change, combine, display, export and finally forget:
> - import data (RSS, json, sql, ..., zip, csv)
> - search and filter (LiveSearch, filtered list view)
> - sort and group hierarchically (tree+folders, cut/paste/drag+drop)
> - tag, categorize content (meta data, sys_categories)
> - log changes and revert errors (history, log everything, improve history
> interface)
> - merge records and content elements
> - edit large amounts of data (mass editing, FormEngine)
> - export filtered lists in standard formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, ...)
> - display custom lists (content elements/fluid view for frontend)
> - schedule visibility, freeze, inactivate and delete
> Feel free to tweet, call and talk to me in person (next up: UserGroup HH,
> ACME in MUC, UXW).
> Thanks :)
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