[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Wed Aug 20 08:25:11 CEST 2014

Am 19.08.14 17:30, schrieb Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi):
>> Wordpress
> I think one big reason why wordpress is so big is because of the
> millions of templates available. Sharing templates for wordpress is
> really simple. Sharing templates for TYPO3 is really complicated. I know
> there is an approach (are some approaches) to improve that but imho as
> another extension and not in the core.

not everythink needs to be in the core. there are extensions which were 
add ons at first and later become system extensions and so part of every 
Also there are extensions which got their own modifications/ 
enhancements in the core. Sometimes because the extension author 
implemented some hooks needed for example.

> I know that every website should have its own unique look and feel and
> I'm asking myself if this would really help promoting TYPO3 but that's
> just an idea I have ;)

As I wrote in my other posting: I dream of a TYPO3 where you can easily 
build up your own CEs. This could be done in union with the definition 
of an own styling.

This is the basic idea of ext:themes : define a base of some CEs (not 
necessarily the same as the CEs defined in TYPO3 core), which get 
changeable stylings (CSS themes). Unfortunately, this extension still is 
not available in TER.

Probably you need more CEs in a multipurpose CMS like TYPO3 than for a 
specialized blog-CMS (so there are a lot of wordpress-add ons which 
enable to insert other than usual content)


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