[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Mon Aug 18 08:53:57 CEST 2014

Am 15.08.14 11:04, schrieb Oliver Hader:
> This thread is open for the topic "vison for TYPO3 CMS" and is a base
> for further discussions, ideas and feedback on the next larger and
> long-term steps with TYPO3 CMS. Please hand in your feedback in an open
> but also constructive way. Try to be specific if phrases tend to be
> unclear (e.g. "TYPO3 needs to be cooler" - what exactly?).
> Ok, let's start now! Thanks in advance for your input!

my vision for TYPO3 (CMS)

just some thoughts about my work with TYPO3 (my own installations and 
the questions in NG/ML/forum).
some problems appear much often and the solutions are not so simple. 
maybe TYPO3 would get some more friends if these problems are handled in 
an easier way in TYPO3.

how easy is it to get a new kind of data into an installation?
there was the kickstarter and there is the extension builder, but both 
systems stalls if the data is more than a linear list of records. having 
some relations/joins between multiple records and only experienced 
developers can find a solution.

how is it possible that news (tt_news and tx_news) are widely used for 
so much different kind of data? they gave a ready to use system for 
simple data which needs to be shown as list and detail. a lot of 
extensions just added some individual fields to the records, the rest 
works out of the box.

and the same issue is with content elements: for more than a year a lot 
of extensions came up for handling the problem of individual CEs. The 
popular solution of enhancing tt_content is a big flexform where all 
data is stored is easy to configure, but technically a bad solution as 
data gets stored in xml in one field of big records with a lot of fields 
which are never used. these fields were invented to get all requirements 
for a CE handled, but as most of those giants: the most users only use 
up to 10% of the possibilities.

maybe TYPO3 can be handled easier if integrators have an easier way to 
realize individual CE for an installation without much programming 

another feature every now and then is required: forms to gather data 
from FE and store it in records.
there are extensions for it, but why can't it be handled by the core?
as the core can build up a BE-form for each defined datastructure, why 
is it not possible for FE?

I think we will not need a complete drag&drop BE for all enhancements, 
but be more flexible to enhance the build in CEs of TYPO3, which may be 
reduced to some very basic structures.

these are my ideas about getting new people to TYPO3 which are not 
experienced with programming and using git&co.
A lot of extensions and patches are hidden in some git repositories 
where they are usabel just for a small circle of programmers: so an 
extension may include some bugs, but in TER everyone can use and test 
it, while in a git repository only a small fraction of users are able to 
install it into their installations and give feedback.


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