[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) simonschaufi at guugelmail.de
Tue Aug 19 18:04:07 CEST 2014

1. I'm thinking about multiple versions of one image (thinking about 
responsive websites). There are some responsive website that don't just 
shrink the image but cropps it also.

2. Better search in the backend for files

3. Remove:
- taskcenter. I never saw somebody using it. Do you know about customers?
- sys_note
- context_help. For me the yellow browser tooltips are enough help and 
the bubbles distract more than they actually help. The backend should be 
intuitive without needing any help and tooltips at all.
- tsconfig_help (or Link to online help)
- cshmanual.

I just think that the core team needs more focus on the most important 
things (especially about documenation) and not take care about 3 
different places of documentation.

Regards, Schaufi

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