[TYPO3-core] Voting for the new release cycles for TYPO3 CMS

Stephan Großberndt s.grossberndt at sidebysite.de
Fri Aug 1 15:15:32 CEST 2014


having read Markus comment and concerns I look at the blueprint from a
very different point of view. I fully agree with Markus.

Some thoughts:

I'm responsible for the TYPO3 Updates in our company and I like the idea of
fixed patchdays (once a month?) - for the amount of work it depends:
is specific testing done for a bugfix release or is it just assumed that
master/branch does not have bugs?

With the naming of the 4.5 LTS release newer non-LTS-releases have
automatically become early adopter releases (I don't like this "EAR"
term by the way). And thus the feedback situation got worse - which could
only be changed by dropping the LTS - so we have to live with that.

Don't allow skipping LTS! If there is a well defined working upgradepath 
one LTS to another, there is no need to put work into this.


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