[TYPO3-core] Regression fixes for 6.2.1

Ernesto Baschny ernesto.baschny at typo3.org
Wed Apr 30 08:35:20 CEST 2014

Hi guys,

as you might know, some unforeseen regressions (meaning bugs introduced
while fixing other bugs or problems) in the 6.2.1 release. While we
recommended this update, we did an effort to fix most of the introduced
problems for the upcoming patchlevel release (6.2.2).

So if you have any kind of odd problem in 6.2.1, please help us out in
either reporting them or in testing the existing fixes which are already
merged into our "master" git branch (which currently is still the "6.2"
release branch).

Take a look at this list of issues:


Especially the already resolved issues marked with "regression". In case
you have other problems not listed there yet, please get in touch with
us through this thread for example.

We have a Code Sprint in Bremen this weekend so we will be able to
tackle even more problems if they appear, so that we will make a pretty
cool and solid 6.2.2 release next week!


Ernesto Baschny
TYPO3 CMS Core Developer
Release Manager TYPO3 4.5 & 6.2 LTS

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