[TYPO3-core] Decide on community vendor name for CMS

Thomas Maroschik tmaroschik at dfau.de
Wed Apr 23 15:46:33 CEST 2014

Hi Fabien,

I will comment below:

Am 23.04.14 14:55, schrieb Fabien Udriot:
> It would be good to agree with a community vendor name for third party extensions. As pointed out in
> the Wiki [1], a namespace must not begin with TYPO3\* (except for sysext) but rather stick to
> something related to a company name or anything else.

I don't think it would be good. We introduced Namespaces and Vendor 
Names to prevent between similar package/extension names. For example 
there can be more than one shop extension. If the community again uses 
the same Namespace, nothing is won in this regard.

Further platforms like packagist assume that your composer vendor name 
somehow reflects that you are allowed to register new package names 
under your vendor. How should this be possible in a shared fashion? 
Think further about a matching github team name. Should be everybody be 
in that team? Let things evolve indepently and give them a plattform 
there they find other typo3 packages. I think we planned a successor of 
the TER based upon composer. There each typo3 related packages/extension 
will be presented as part of the ecosystem. What happens beyond that 
should be out of our reach.

Vendor names also tell you who is the main maintainer of the code. If 
it's the community then everybody is allowed to directly push to that 
repository? I don't think so. There are always a bunch of people that 
are gatekeepers and have a vision of the roadmap. If these people form a 
team then the team name should be the vendor.

> In my case, for my public extensions I would prefer to have something community driven as vendor
> name instead of a company since they are developed in a community process. Below would be some
> propositions:
> 1) T3Ext\MyExt
> 2) T3X\MyExt
> 3) TER\MyExt
> 4) CMSPack\MyExt

If you want something community driven then choose something like 
T3MediaGangsters and tell people clearly how they can contribute in a 
contribute readme in the project.

> FYI, in the Flow world, they have picked up "FlowPack" as community vendor name. I have only heard
> that and if someone have more relevant details, feel free to tell more.

I don't think that FlowPack is intended to be an umbrella vendor for 
each and every Flow package created out of a community process. I think 
it is rather a team of Flow core people that maintain a bunch of Flow 
close related pacakges.

> As little addition, the vendor name will also be reflected in the composer.json file eventually. the
> Composer stuff is not yet fully ready for third party extensions but is work-in-progress for now. It
> will be communicated when more stable.

See my comments above regarding composer

> Happy Easter time!



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