[TYPO3-core] Decide on community vendor name for CMS

Fabien Udriot fabien.udriot at ecodev.ch
Wed Apr 23 14:55:58 CEST 2014

Hi Core list,

It would be good to agree with a community vendor name for third party extensions. As pointed out in
the Wiki [1], a namespace must not begin with TYPO3\* (except for sysext) but rather stick to
something related to a company name or anything else.

In my case, for my public extensions I would prefer to have something community driven as vendor
name instead of a company since they are developed in a community process. Below would be some

1) T3Ext\MyExt

2) T3X\MyExt

3) TER\MyExt

4) CMSPack\MyExt

5) ...

Feel free to spontaneously vote (+1) or add your suggestion. I will collect them somehow. It could
be a Doodle is set up if it becomes too confusing.

FYI, in the Flow world, they have picked up "FlowPack" as community vendor name. I have only heard
that and if someone have more relevant details, feel free to tell more.

As little addition, the vendor name will also be reflected in the composer.json file eventually. the
Composer stuff is not yet fully ready for third party extensions but is work-in-progress for now. It
will be communicated when more stable.

Happy Easter time!


[1] http://wiki.typo3.org/Namespaces

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