[TYPO3-core] What property types should the ExtensionBuilder provide

Peter Niederlag peter.niederlag at typo3.org
Fri Apr 11 11:17:27 CEST 2014


On 11.04.2014 10:48, Nicolas de Haen wrote:
> My suggestion would be (foreign table in brackets):
> Image         sys_file_reference
> File         sys_file_reference
> FileCollection     sys_file_collection

+1. Sounds reasonable to me.

> What about:
> FolderBasedFileCollection or StaticFileCollection ?

Haven't used them yet, seem to be used rather seldom to me.

> It's obvious that the Native Date formats should be "default" but should
> we keep the others? There might be use cases where you want a timestamp
> in the database but a Date field in backend forms.
> My suggestion would be:
> Date             Date
> DateTime         DateTime
> Date (timestamp)     int
> DateTime (timestamp)     int
> Time             int
> TimeSec         int


> And finally:
> we have the property type Float which is in fact a double since the TCA
> does not support the type float. It only has a type 'double2' which
> means: "Converts the input to a floating point with 2 decimal positions"
> At the moment property type float results in a column of type double(11,2).
> Is there any reason why float is not supported in TCA?
> Should we rename the property then to Double instead Float or offer both
> types and create the appropriate database columns?

On PHP-level imho there is no difference between float and double. So
basically this is just a matter of sql-field-definition and

In TCA there is just 'double2' which probably goes along with SQL
double(11,2). Seems like a reasonable default, that can easily be
adapted by the developer.

Greets and big thx for taking care,

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