[TYPO3-core] What property types should the ExtensionBuilder provide

Nicolas de Haen typo3 at ndh-websolutions.de
Fri Apr 11 10:48:27 CEST 2014


the ExtensionBuilder is almost ready for the next TER release.
Now I just want to clean up the list of available property types for 
domain objects and it seems difficult to decide which types should be 

First we have the FAL related propertie, which are not really integrated 
in Extbase. We have several FAL related Extbase models which are 
"experimental" since 1 1/2 year now. Is there any plan or strategy what 
will happen with them?

At the moment we have these properties in the EB

My suggestion would be (foreign table in brackets):

Image 		sys_file_reference
File 		sys_file_reference
FileCollection 	sys_file_collection

What about:
FolderBasedFileCollection or StaticFileCollection ?

For Date/Time related properties we have:

Date 		int
DateTime	int
NativeDate 	Date
NativeDateTime 	DateTime
Time 		int
TimeSec 	int

It's obvious that the Native Date formats should be "default" but should 
we keep the others? There might be use cases where you want a timestamp 
in the database but a Date field in backend forms.
My suggestion would be:

Date 			Date
DateTime 		DateTime
Date (timestamp) 	int
DateTime (timestamp) 	int
Time 			int
TimeSec 		int

And finally:

we have the property type Float which is in fact a double since the TCA 
does not support the type float. It only has a type 'double2' which 
means: "Converts the input to a floating point with 2 decimal positions"

At the moment property type float results in a column of type double(11,2).

Is there any reason why float is not supported in TCA?

Should we rename the property then to Double instead Float or offer both 
types and create the appropriate database columns?

Thanks for feedback!


Nico de Haen
ndh websolutions

Webprogrammierung, OpenSource, Typo3


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