[TYPO3-core] Pushing a patch depending on another patch?

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Wed Oct 9 14:25:00 CEST 2013

Hi Francois

> I have a Git-related question, trying to push patches for the TYPO3
> Core. I have pending patches A and B. B relies on A. A is already pushed
> to Gerrit. Now can I push B?
> My local clone is ahead of origin/master by 2 commits (A and B). If I just:
> git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
> do A and B get both pushed and does only B (since A is already pushed)?
> I'm afraid of going ahead and having a very messy result :-\

I you push your second patch, IIRC because I did it once or twice,
you'll get the first one pushed again to Gerrit as a new patchset.

When I have dependencies like that, and I know it beforehand, I try to
prepare my two commits locally and then push them at once to Gerrit.

Apart from the "ugliness" of pushing again the same first patch, there's
nothing bad that could result from your dependency.

Xavier Perseguers
Release Manager TYPO3 4.6

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