[TYPO3-core] Extbase validation, lazy loading and performance

Nicolas de Haen typo3 at ndh-websolutions.de
Mon Nov 25 12:47:52 CET 2013

To continue this thread:

I pushed two patches [1] to gerrit which should avoid the recursive 
validation and the redundant calls. At least in my use case it reduced 
the number of queries for a complex model from 2534 to 900.

The changed behaviour of the new Extbase validation introduced with 6.2 
is described in the comment for the method
ValidatorResolver->buildBaseValidatorConjunction (which is the same as 
in Flow)

"The base validation rules are those which were declared directly in a 
class (typically a model) through some validate annotations on properties.
If a property holds a class for which a base validator exists, that 
property will be checked as well, regardless of a validate annotation"

This means that even lazy annotated class properties will be loaded from 
persistence if a validator is resolved for them (or a subproperty). I 
tested this behaviour with Flow and Extbase and could confirm it.

This happens also if a type validator is found - for example any 
property of type \DateTime will add a validator and cause a validation 
of the object regardless of a @ignorevalidation annotation in the 
calling action.

This might be performance relevant in Core extensions based on extbase.

Kind regards,


Nico de Haen
ndh websolutions

Webprogrammierung, OpenSource, Typo3


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