[TYPO3-core] The "correct" way to upgrade?

Frans Saris franssaris at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 13:10:35 CET 2013

For the sys_file to sys_file_metadata conversion you need the old sys_file
structure till after you run the wizard. So analyzer step is OK as long you
do not drop fields.

Gr. Frans

2013/11/22 Markus Klein <klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at>

> Hi!
> I just read the beta2 release article on typo3.org [1].
> There it is recommended to upgrade in the following order:
> 1) "Important Actions" and delete the whole cache content (make sure this
> deletes the whole typo3temp/Caches/* files and also the content of Extbase
> Reflection Caches - do it manually if not working otherwise!)
> 2) "Important Actions": Use the "Database Analyser" and let it migrate the
> data structure
> 3) "Upgrade Wizards": Walk through all Upgrade Wizards
> On the other hand the Upgrade Wizards suggest the Database Analyzer as the
> last step to run.
> Moreover we got a bug report [2] that reports a problem when not running
> the Analyzer first.
> So my question: Does the order matter?
> In the sense of: Could the Analyzer delete fields that might be necessary
> to do proper migration in the Upgrade Wizards afterwards?
> If this is the case, we have a chicken-egg-problem and we need a solution
> for this. One that comes to mind would be to ensure the proper table
> structure necessary for the wizards in the wizards themselves and let the
> Database Analyzer do the cleanup in the end.
> Thanks for your feedback.
> Kind regards
> Markus
> [1] http://typo3.org/news/article/typo3-cms-62-lts-beta2-released/
> [2] http://forge.typo3.org/issues/53810
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