[TYPO3-core] Second Meeting for TYPO3 6.2 LTS Release

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Mon May 27 18:17:06 CEST 2013


Am 27.05.13 09:58, schrieb Ernesto Baschny:

> One potential solution would be to make the "compatibility" extension
> simply required (and not unloadable). It's not that having it loaded
> hits performance so there is no benefit not having it loaded.
> On the other hand we could also argue why have it in an extension anyway
> if it is always loaded. We could simply add this compatibility layer to
> the core. Only valid reason to have it separated as an extension would
> be to have it's functionality enclosed in a place which can later be
> deleted at once.

Every loaded extension has a performance impact. It might be low but it 
is there. Rather than making it required, I'd do some other kind of hack 
like requiring LocalConfiguration and looking into the Extension array, 
or look for a file that is generated by the extension. Something like 
that. I have not found anything that I find attractive enough to be 

> "never" is not true, because we then simply delete it again in 6.3.
> People have been warned enough already.

This would mean to have a deprecation policy, where we can only remove 
old API after 2 LTS versions:

* 4.5LTS: No API code removal
* 4.6 until 6.2LTS: only remove API that has been deprecated before 4.5
* 6.3: Remove API that has been deprecated before 6.2

So API that has been deprecated in 4.3 or 4.3 can only be removed after 
4.5LTS and 6.2LTS is released.

We face a couple of problems here:

1. We did not have this policy before, which means, tons of API is 
already removed from 6.1

2. We cannot remove/ change API for nearly 8 years (which is virtually 
ages in terms of a web application)

> I'd like to hear more opinions on Helmut's solution, as it could be a
> fundamental decision regarding these kind of decisions in future.

Yes, please!

Kind regards,

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