[TYPO3-core] Updated Core documentation workflow

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Wed May 22 09:56:30 CEST 2013

François Suter schrieb am 22.05.2013 09:54:
> Hi Christian,
>> Note: I'm heavily recoding the install tool. There will be other and
>> some new menu points, and the install and upgrade process changes a bit.
>> A main patch to show where this leads may be ready in around two weeks
>> hopefully.
>> At the moment it would be wise to put a general clean up to the install
>> documentation, but don't text many new things currently to not risk
>> throwing it away for 6.2 again.
> That's definitely good to know. Thanks for the update.

Yes, I think it's not relevant anymore at this time to update the
Install/Upgrade doc to any version previous to 6.2.


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